Make Way for Eco-friendly and Appetizing Tableware

No doubt, using disposable tableware is utterly convenient. But it is also short lived and an absolute mess for the environment. Just take a look at your trash can after a party. Mounds of disposable paper and plastic bags and containers and you will too feel bad for the environment. We know that plastic or many other materials that disposable tableware is made of take months and even years to degrade, leaking harmful chemicals in the process. Contemplating upon the environmental hazard disposable are, many environment-caring individuals and companies have come up with the idea of edible tableware. Chefs have been toying around with this idea for years, however, only in the last couple of y

Garbage From All Around The World Set to Clog Our Oceans

Our oceans are rapidly filling up with plastic trash and will soon be clogged with it too. According to a report by the journal Science, in 2010 itself, a staggering eight million tons of plastic trash went into oceans from the 192 coastal countries of the world. Backed by extensive research and data analysis, the study also mentions that the rate at which this trash is increasing. It mentions that the amount of plastic going inside ocean will inflate by ten times in the next ten years. Can’t get your head around this figure? Jenna Jambeck, lead author of the study and assistant professor of environmental engineering at the University of Georgia offers a visual for it. The figure of eight mi

How Going Refurbished Helps You Go Green As Well

Consider this: According to a study by the research firm Gartner, the number of personal computers in use around world surpassed 1 billion in 2008. Growing at the pace that it is, this figure will double every four years. A look at the statistics provided by EPA, in 2010 in the US alone, 1.375 million computer units and related hardware items (including CPUs, desktops, portables, monitors, hard copy devices, keyboards and mice) were disposed . Out of these only 29% were recycled. EPA’s research also shows that in 2012, 3.4 million tons of e-waste was generated in US. Only 29% of this was recycled and the rest was trashed in landfills or incinerators. Yes, we are using a lot of IT equipment