End of Year is Here! Recycle Your Electronics with Living Green Technology!

Greetings! 2016 has been a long and eventful year, and everyone is busy preparing as it finally comes to a close. It's during this time that we find many companies, such as yours, upgrade or clear out their storage closets of old or excess electronics. We typically have a very busy month of December, helping remove these unwanted supplies by offering free removal of electronics. If you are interested in scheduling a free pickup, please reach out and we'd be happy to assist you. Want to create more capital for the upcoming 2017 year? Living Green Technology also purchases excess IT equipment. Send us an inventory list and we would be happy to make an offer. Thank you and Happy Holidays! - Liv

The Top 5 Green Cities of the World

Last year was the fourth edition of the Global Green Economy Index GGEI. The index uses quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure the green economic performance of 60 countries and 70 cities and how experts assess that performance. Four factors that are used for this performance review are leadership & climate change, efficiency sectors, markets & investment and environment & natural capital. GGEI is produced by Dual Citizen LLC, a private U.S.-based consultancy. According to Jeremy Tamanini, founder of Dual Citizen LLC, the thought behind publishing such a report was the future that the current environmental health might lead us to. “We first published the Global Green Economy Ind

Is Recycling Your Company's Electronics Good for Your Bottom Line?

Recycling keeps getting bigger and bigger in general, and has seen tremendous growth in electronics in particular. In 2010, approximately 3.5 tons of electronics were recycled in the USA, with more than 62% of that coming from PC and IT-related equipment. Much of this recycling is coming from businesses around the nation, but is this simply because of the positive PR being environmentally conscious brings? Or are there other concrete business reasons to do this? It can help improve sales Obviously, recycling your electronics is good for the environment and your brand -- especially in Seattle, where the tech industry has exploded in size and people are generally environmentally conscious. Rec