5 ways schools and universities are promoting recycling

Younger generations are already more progressive when it comes to being environmentally conscious, and some of that is thanks to our education system and how a variety of institutions are paving the way in terms of finding innovative ways to help preserve the environment. Here a few: Goucher College Goucher is taking 'reusing' to a whole new level this summer. Rather than demolish some old dorms and create some new ones, they're simply putting three buildings on wheels and moving them to a new location. This will save the college $8 million, about half of what it would cost to build new dorms. The buildings will pay for themselves in 10 years, and should last about 50. Harvard University Har

Living Green Technology Seattle Recycling News Roundup

Oftentimes it’s easy to lose sight of the progress that’s being made in improving our environment when the mainstream media continues to focus on all the problems in the world. We here at Living Green Technology take a glass half-full approach and believe it’s important to keep up with the recent developments and improvements in the recycling industry in order to appreciate the strides that are being made. Keep reading for our recycling news roundup! Good job Seattle: City recycling rate nearing 60 percent According to KOMO News, Seattle is continuing the great work it has done in recycling, and has improved its recycling rate for the 13th consecutive year. Seattle' recycling rate currently