When electronics recycling innovation is strangled by corporatism: The Eric Lundgren story

In case you haven't heard, the US government and Microsoft have succeeded in their quest to take down one Eric Lundgren, a force in the electronics recycling industry. How did Lundgren land in this predicament? Did he avoid taxes? Did he mislead consumers? No. All he did was attempt to sell thousands of Windows Recovery Disks to computer refurbishers for 25 cents a pop in an effort to significantly extend the life-cycle of used PCs. It was all a part of his personal crusade against planned obsolescence, corporate greed, and e-waste. Now he will be serving 15 months in prison after Microsoft claimed it had lost millions in sales, despite the fact he never sold any licenses and was only attemp

Recycling News Roundup - June 2018

2018 has been a wild year when it comes to recycling and green living news. Keep reading for the latest from these industries. Seattle Times: Some Seattle-area recycling dumped in landfills as China’s restrictions kick in The Seattle Times recently published an article on how China's decision to shut its doors to American recyclables has had a trickle down effect on recycling here in Seattle. Recycling companies like Republic have been forced to appeal to local landfills to accept recyclables. Fortunately, buyers in other countries like India, Malysia, and Vietnam have emerged to take up some of the volume, but their capacity doesn't even approach China's. KUOW: Seattle: You need to clean up

Don't let your coffee cup trash the planet

If you need that daily dose of caffeine to start your day, you’re not alone. About $40 billion is spent on coffee annually, as 54% of people have to get that java jolt daily. And if all of them are drinking their coffee in a paper cup, that’s a lot of non-recyclable cups bulking up landfills. Luckily, just by changing your cup, you can still enjoy your morning joe and help the environment. If you’re taking your coffee on the road, a double-walled metal coffee cup is perfect for travel. It also keeps the coffee hot and prevents drinkers from burns. There are a variety of cups for those who drink their coffee at home or at work including glass, porcelain, ceramic and the traditional coff