Recycling News Roundup - October 2018

Want to learn about the most recent recycling news in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and the world? We've got you covered! Athol Daily News: Recycling needs to go dual-stream to adapt to changing demand Athol Daily News published a fantastic opinion article that analyzes some of the big changes in the recycling industry, particularly with China becoming stricter about what sort of recyclables it will accept. They recently increased the required purity level of paper recyclables to 99.5%, which is too high for many single-stream recycling plants. The solution? Switching to dual-stream, which separates paper from other recyclables made of metal, plastic, or glass. This helps to reduce contaminants

Recycling mistakes you may be making

How well do you think you recycle—and how well do you actually recycle? For many people there’s a disconnect between the two. They think they’re doing a lot, but in actuality they could be doing so much better. For example, have you ever just thrown a cardboard box into the recycling bin because, well, it can be recycled right? Well of course it can—but you could be doing so much better just by taking a few seconds and breaking the box down. Doing that gives you a whole lot more room to put even more into the recycling bin, boosting your recycling “grade,” so to speak. And if you’re like many households, you probably let a whole lot sneak by that could be recycled that simply lands in the re