• Steven Hoag

Living Green Technology Recycling News Roundup

Updated: May 21

Oftentimes it’s easy to lose sight of the progress that’s being made in improving our environment when the mainstream media continues to focus on all the problems in the world. We here at Living Green Technology take a glass half-full approach and believe it’s important to keep up with the recent developments and improvements in the recycling industry in order to appreciate the strides that are being made. Keep reading for our recycling news roundup!

Recycling Today: Material challenges remain on electronics recycling front

Some great news is coming out of the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC), with electronic manufacturers announcing that they will be making a bigger effort to use materials and product designs that make electronics recycling easier and more popular. Companies like Dell are already using features like easy-to-remove batteries. On the other hand, new materials are emerging that are also proving to be difficult to recycle, which means more research needs to be done to discover ways to minimize their environmental impact.

Web Market Shop: The Pros and Cons of Computer Recycling

Web Market Shop has just released an excellent overview of the computer recycling process and its advantages and disadvantages. It also includes an excellent objective analysis of how the prevalence of toxins in the environment from computers can be minimized, while also acknowledging other harmful byproducts that are proving difficult to deal with.

The Guardian: M&S and Unilever promise plastic redesign to cut waste

The Guardian recently published an other exciting recycling announcement from M&S and Unilever. Recent predictions, like the fact that our oceans could have more plastic than fish by 2050 are pushing them to redesign their packaging and products. Unilever has vowed “to make all their plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.”

Eco-Business: Levi’s dreams big to lead change in the fashion industry

Companies are continuing to step up to overcome our environmental challenges. Eco-business reports that Levi’s is vowing to make all of its products recyclable by 2025. The company is partnering with Seattle-based tech firm Evrunu to make the first jeans made from regenerated consumer cotton waste. This would absolutely revolutionize the clothing industry, and ensure a brighter future for corporate social responsibility in mainstream brands.

E-Scrap News: GEEP Worker finds $100,000 inside discarded TV

In feel-good news, a worker at a e-scrap building in Canada found over $100K in a TV, as well as banking records going back to 1985. And people keep saying it’s hard to make it in television.

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