• Steven Hoag

Living Green Technology Partners with Our Reedemer's Lutheran Church to Recycle Electronics in B

Last week, Living Green Technology teamed up with Our Reedemer's Lutheran Church, Goodwill, Earthcare, and another clothing company in Ballard to collect and recycle electronics from the local community and Greater Seattle area. The event started at 9 AM on Saturday, October 14th, and lasted over 6 hours. Tons of people showed up and all kinds of electronics were collected, including computers, monitors, cables, mobile phones, and more. Additionally, the EarthCare team at the church collected other hard-to-dispose of items like styrofoam, while Goodwill handled any clothing donations. All in all, over 4 tonnes of e-waste was recycled – enough to fill up our 26 foot truck!

Living Green Technology would like to thank Our Reedemer's Lutheran Church and all the other organizations involved for agreeing to come together for this positive event for the local Ballard and Greater Seattle community. It was a great time, and we look forward to doing it again some time!

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