• Steven Hoag

Seattle Recycling News: Mariners are recognized with 2017 Green Glove Award

Updated: May 21

Seattle sports has once again bested San Francisco. The Seattle Mariners beat out the San Francisco Giants and the rest of the MLB to win the 2017 Green Glove Award. This award recognizes a particular club for their commitment to environmentally-friendly policies throughout the year and is the first time in nine years that San Francisco hasn't won the award.

The Mariners stood out in 2017 for the team's recycling efforts at Safeco field. 96% of the stadium's waste was recycled, which is the highest waste diversion rate in the league. Moreover, Safeco uses 100% compostable serviceware to help achieve its goal of zero-waste. The Seattle Mariners' commitment to recycling isn't a recent phenomenon, though. The team is a founding member of the Green Sports Alliance and has used LED lighting for years.

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