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Taking Old Furniture to the Dump? Do This Instead.

1. Drop it off at a local recycling center

Many local recycling centers accept used furniture and recycle the material. There are a number of household items you can donate, including:

2. Donate it to a non-profit organization

By donating to a charity, you’re extending the life of your old furniture, making it available for other people to use. This reduces your eco-footprint and provides items to people in need. 

3. Take it to a scrap dealer

Before recycling your metal furniture, call your local scrap metal dealer to make sure they accept that particular metal. While most scrap yards will accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal may cost more to dispose of. Hold a magnet to your furniture and if it sticks, it contains non-ferrous metal.

4. Post it on “Buy Nothing” or Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to post old furniture either as “free” items or at a listed price. If your furniture is in poor condition or otherwise not worth much money, consider posting it for free. But if you think it might be worth something, you might be able to sell it for cash.

5. Contact a sustainable removal service

At Living Green Technology, we offer quick and convenient furniture removal services to businesses. If you reside in the Seattle area, you can schedule a pick-up and we will transport your furniture back to our headquarters, recycle it, or re-sell it. 

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