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Residential Electronics Recycling

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Free Residential Electronics Recycling

Do you need to securely and safely dispose of electronics? We offer convenient and complimentary electronics recycling to individuals across the Puget Sound area.

Stop by one of our offices or drop bin locations to drop off your household electronics. We have multiple options in King County that are open throughout the week. We can also help you organize electronics recycling events for your neighborhood, school, or property. All devices that are recycled with us are completely wiped to ensure your data is safe. Please recycle your TVs at our Auburn HQ location.

Living Green Technology is fully certified and can securely wipe data, exceeding Department of Defense (DoD) and NIST standards, upon request.

Living Green Technology is a proud member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and E-Cycle Washington. All of our processing partners are R2 certified.

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Individual Solutions

For any inquiries, please call: 253.204.4438 or fill out the form below. Our team will respond within one business day.

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We sell a variety of refurbished electronics on eBay, Amazon, and more. Click the button below to learn more.

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Free Recycling

Our residential recycling services are 100% free. Stop by one of our locations today!

Secure Data Destruction

All data will be securely wiped using our data sanitization machine.

Recycling & Refurbishing

All electronics will be recycled and/or refurbished for remarketing.

Local Events

We organize events throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook for the latest.

Our Step By Step Process

Our goal is to provide convenience, value, and peace of mind to all of our customers. Please refer to our simple process below to better understand our approach. 


Stop by a location near you

Please use the drop-down menu to find a local option.

Electronics picked up from drop-off location

All electronics are taken back to our Auburn HQ.

Secure data destruction

All data carrying devices are securely wiped, up to NIST/Department of Defense standards.

Electronics are tested

All electronics are examined to see if they have resale value or need to be recycled.

Electronics are recycled, or refurbished and resold

Any e-waste is sent to our R2-certified partners to be grinded down into raw materials. Anything that still has value is resold using one of our online stores.

We accept the following types of electronics:

Laptops, Desktops & Monitors
Mobile Phones & Tablets
Cables, Software & Accessories.
Modems & Routers
Office Phones
Telecom Systems
Game Consoles
iPods & MP3s
Printers & Ink Toners

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