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Business ownership and sustainability do not have to conflict. If you’re trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, and you also happen to be interested in entrepreneurship, you can find a way to express these values through your company. Maybe the work of environmental organizations like Living Green Technology has you feeling motivated, or perhaps you have an idea for a product made from sustainable materials. No matter which business plan you have in mind, these resources will illustrate how to become an ECOpreneur! 

Lay the Foundation

In order to open your business, you’ll need to complete a few key tasks and get ready for your launch.

Start researching local manufacturers and suppliers who follow an ethical code that matches up with your principles.

  • Employer Identification Numbers are essential for businesses – registering for yours will allow you to open a bank account for your company.
  • Bring your first employees on board! Look for team members who are environmentalists at heart like you.

Eco-Friendly Operations 

In order to manage your business with sustainability in mind, you’ll need to deviate from the norm — but getting creative as an entrepreneur is all part of the fun!

  • If it suits your business model, explore the possibility of starting a “return and refill” program for customer orders.
  • Consider powering your business with renewable energy sources if this is an option in your area.
  • Encourage your employees to recycle by setting up a simple recycling system at your brick-and-mortar location. This includes recycling old electronics.
  • Reduce the amount of waste your business creates by taking steps to eliminate paper documents!

Spread the Word

You want to create change in your wider community through your business. These tips will help you expand your influence. 

  • Use a free online banner maker to help make eye-catching ads to reach potential customers.
  • Consider partnering up with a local environmental organization to provide support as a volunteer.
  • Connect with local journalists to get coverage for your business opening and share your mission with more people.
  • Hire a few brand ambassadors to promote your business on social media and at local events so that you can teach a wider audience about sustainable living.

Running a business based on your values is the key to building a fulfilling career. Additionally, plenty of consumers are interested in supporting eco-friendly companies! By drawing guidance from these resources, you’ll be ready to get off the ground as an ecopreneur.

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