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Recycling keeps getting bigger and bigger in general, and has seen tremendous growth in electronics in particular. In 2010, approximately 3.5 tons of electronics were recycled in the USA, with more than 62% of that coming from PC and IT-related equipment. Much of this recycling is coming from businesses around the nation, but is this simply because of the positive PR being environmentally conscious brings? Or are there other concrete business reasons to do this?

It can help improve sales

Obviously, recycling your electronics is good for the environment and your brand — especially in Seattle, where the tech industry has exploded in size and people are generally environmentally conscious. Recycling gives your company a good reason to write up a press release or blog post about your efforts and build some positive buzz. That’s good for two reasons:

1) Consumers are valuing corporate social responsibility more than ever, and will take your business practices into account when making purchasing decisions.

2) Creating new content can help improve your website’s exposure on search engines. A higher ranking means it’s easier for you to attract people to your website and convert them into a customer.

Recycling your electronics supports the local Seattle community

Does your company value its impact on Seattle and the community? If so, you should be recycling! Small businesses, schools, and low-income individuals don’t have the budgets of medium or enterprise companies. Refurbished electronics can be the only way your local mom and pop shop or local school can afford computers. On top of that, these electronics can also be used by non-profits to revitalize poverty-stricken areas across the nation and the world.

Recycling your electronics is a safe and reliable way to protect your data.

Data is one of the most precious commodities of the modern business. Data breaches have become increasingly common for both individuals and businesses due to lax IT security, user error, and opportunistic hackers. Disposing of your IT equipment properly is extremely important to ensure that your data remains secure. Deleting files and emptying your recycling bin does not guarantee that your data is safe. Find a professional electronics and e-waste recycler like Living Green Technology to help protect your data..

It’s free!

Last but not least, recycling your IT equipment is great for your bottom line because it doesn’t cost a dime. Electronics recyclers will often pick up your IT equipment for free after you set up an appointment.

Are you ready to recycle your e-waste? Give Living Green Technology a call today!

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