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What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a service many recyclers offer whereby they safely dispose of a business’ old or unwanted computer equipment, IT hardware, and/or infrastructure in an eco-friendly way.

As IT hardware evolves, organizations are faced with the question of what to do with old or retired hardware. ITAD offers a solution, allowing companies to dispose of these materials while keeping data secure and protecting the environment.

Learn more about what ITAD is and its applications for eco-friendly businesses.

What does an ITAD company do?

ITAD companies specialize in recycling, upcycling, or remarketing an organization’s IT assets in order to reduce waste and potentially breathe new life into old technology. 

Not only do ITAD companies specialize in practices related to the safe disposal of old IT hardware, but they seek out organizations or programs that can make use of the old materials. This results in less waste that makes its way into landfills, oceans, and communities.

Further, ITAD companies can help organizations mitigate the expenses related to retiring old IT technology by extending the asset’s value or looking for more sustainable solutions.

Benefits of Information Technology Asset Disposal

Historically, ITAD emerged as a response to new complexities and demands from consumers and businesses. The question of what to do with end-of-life IT equipment left many scrambling for a solution. Now, ITAD offers that solution and brings many benefits to individuals and businesses.

Keeps data secure

With the growth of cybercrime, companies need a way to dispose of IT assets without putting data at risk. ITAD offers the secure disposal of data from storage devices so companies’ information (and their customers’ information) is kept safe.


Environmentalism has become a high priority for many states and communities, and with this comes legislation that restricts how companies can dispose of hazardous materials. In fact, there is legislation that will fine organizations for not disposing of electronics in an environmentally friendly manner. ITAD can save organizations from this headache. 

Maintains social responsibility

The growing emphasis on corporations’ social responsibility, be it through charity or implementing green policies, has been on the minds of many consumers. ITAD helps companies consider their societal and environmental impact – and green companies are getting the best rap.

Reduces hazardous waste

There has also been growing consumer awareness of the hazardous nature of many raw materials used in electronics. Consumers want to know that companies are acting responsibly – and they are also seeking their own solutions for disposing of these materials. ITAD makes disposing of computer equipment and hardware more eco-friendly. 

Minimizes costs

The advent of business intelligence has helped companies realize new ways that they can minimize costs by selling their old equipment to electronics recyclers, reusing components, and more. No need to toss your IT materials at the dump when you can sell them for a pretty penny.

Working with an ITAD Company

The decision to work with an ITAD partner should factor in your organization’s data security policies and whether or not you have the capability to securely wipe your own hardware.


  • Does the electronics recycler wipe data up to Department of Defense (DoD) standards?
  • Are they certified?
  • Do they charge for this service? 
  • How much would it cost you to wipe your own data in terms of employee hours? 
  • Do your employees know how to do this?

Living Green Technology is a certified electronics recycler that offers secure data destruction and ITAD services in Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma.

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