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Younger generations are already more progressive when it comes to being environmentally conscious, and some of that is thanks to our education system and how a variety of institutions are paving the way in terms of finding innovative ways to help preserve the environment. Here are few:

Goucher College

Goucher is taking ‘reusing’ to a whole new level this summer. Rather than demolish some old dorms and create some new ones, they’re simply putting three buildings on wheels and moving them to a new location. This will save the college $8 million, about half of what it would cost to build new dorms. The buildings will pay for themselves in 10 years, and should last about 50.

Harvard University

Harvard has been a leader in recycling for awhile, and has continued to do so by adopting innovative programs like switching to SingleStream recycling, where people do not need to separate their items. The university received a 52% diversion rate, recycling 8,400 tons of materials. They’ve also kept over 100 tons of food waste out of landfills, and saved 25,000 gallons of water by saving rainwater.

Purdue University

Purdue has over 200 recycling centers on campus in an effort to reach its goal of 65% solid waste recycling. The school recycles everything from paper to steel and cooking oil. The university also won RecycleMania’s Pilot Electronics program, where they recycled almost 70K pounds of e-waste in eight weeks. 

Brown University

Rhode Island has ordinances for mandatory recycling, which means that its schools have always made it a point to recycle. One of their more innovative programs is a student-run group called EcoReps, which partners with the school administration to collect items from outgoing students for donation, which has led to over 10 tons of recycled goods annually. 

Georgia Institute of Technology

Everyone wants their 15 seconds of fame, and the Georgia Institute of Technology makes it a point to make environmentally-conscious football fans feel like celebrities. Since 2008, the school has recycled over 75 tons of waste at football games and broadcasts the fans on the big screen who recycle the most. Recycling bins are in every building on campus, and the school offers flexible move-out days to recycle more items. 

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