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If you need that daily dose of caffeine to start your day, you’re not alone. About $40 billion is spent on coffee annually, as 54% of people have to get that java jolt daily. And if all of them are drinking their coffee in a paper cup, that’s a lot of non-recyclable cups bulking up landfills. Luckily, just by changing your cup, you can still enjoy your morning joe and help the environment.

If you’re taking your coffee on the road, a double-walled metal coffee cup is perfect for travel. It also keeps the coffee hot and prevents drinkers from burns. There are a variety of cups for those who drink their coffee at home or at work including glass, porcelain, ceramic and the traditional coffee mug, which comes in porcelain, ceramic or earthenware.

Other cups available in addition to paper are Styrofoam and plastic, which are both bad for the environment. Paper cups are produced by cutting down 20 million trees; Styrofoam cups are considered carcinogenic; and plastic cups leach chemicals into your drinks. Though none of them can be recycled, it takes 500 years for Styrofoam cups to break down in landfills.

These facts, as well as other coffee details are in the infographic below:


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